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 Something About Me……..
Hey EveryOne! The Man behind this blog is called “Ahmad Basra”. I am 25 years old now. Belongs to Punjab, Pakistan. I can speak four Languages Punjabi, Urdu, English And Saraiki. By Profession I’m a Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Blogger, wordPress and SEO Optimizer. I’m a graduate and having diploma's In IT. I’m the one who has done everything whatever He wanted to do. I learned computer from Online Tutorials and from books and became a Web and Graphic Designer in very less time.

My Objectives
After Having learned many things on the internet, I felt there hasn’t been a website for Urdu users which could provide them a better understanding of computer and internet courses and full versions of games and software's. So and Therefor, I’m here to help you build up your online world and Your favourit software's free. :D
I have deep knowledge and am interested in following Services, I can provide you consultancy in these subjects as well as you can hire me for any out of these services!
  • Blogging (WordPress, Blogger, Typed)
  • Making Money Online  (Adsense, Affiliate, PPC, PTC, PPD, Freelancing)
  • SEO (Expert in this field) (Basic to Advance)
  • Web Designing (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Web Developing (PHP, My SQL, Joomla, PhpBB, Drupal)
  • Graphics Designing (Photoshop, Corel Draw, Freehand, Inpage, autucad)
  • Office Automation (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Writing (Articles, Presentations, Corrections, Translations)
  • Google Adwords (Google network to advertise your product on the web)
  • Google Adsense (Google Network to earn money with website)
  • Google Webmaster (Google tool for crawling & indexing your website)
  • Google Feedburner (Google tool for syndicating your content)
  • Google Analytics (Google tool for collecting your site’s statistical data)
  • Blogger ( A web blog platform for free blogs)
  • WordPress ( A platform for making PHP based website and blogs)
  • Transferring from WordPress to Blogger
  • Transferring Blogger to WordPress
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Linkedin)
  • Linux (basic to Advance)
  • Affiliat Marketing (ClickBank, Amazon, linkshare)
  • Making A window Branded On your name
The Idea of this Blog?
The idea of this blog came into my mind after researching a lot about softwares, games and tutorials on the internet in Urdu language. I didn’t find a reliable place where I can find everthing for me on one stop completely with full confidence. Therefore and that’s why, I established this blog to help you in learning computer and internet courses online in your own Urdu language and getting full versions of PC games and softwares free for you. My aim is to provide you everything I can.
How did this blog bring revolution in Online Education?
I took the responsibility and started this blog to help people out in computer education; who aren’t eligible to understand English. After establishing this blog I saw, many guys started working on same niche. Many newbies now managing their blogs themselves because of tuteyou tutorials in Urdu. I encourage all the newbies to start helping people and make video tutorials for them.
My Achievements & Completed Goals
I’m working online from few of years. During this period of time; I’ve completed many goals and targets. I started blogging in 2009, then learned SEO in 2010 and consistently worked with web designing tools and now am going to become a web developer.
1. Blogging
I’m blogging for last 3 years and have been using blogger.com and WordPress.com consistently for my blogging needs. Now I’ve sufficient knowledge about blogger templates, widgets and other tools. Also I can create a complete blogger template now by myself.
2. Working with SEO 
  I learnt SEO in 2010 on the internet. Later on in 2011, I did this course professionally online. I have been learning this course from many international guys for last 3 years. I’ve more than 5 websites which are running successfully and generating tons of organic traffic everyday.
3. Web Designing 
 Web Designing is a field I love the most. I’ve been in this filed for couple of years. So far, I’ve learnt HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, Blogger, JavaScript and Dreamweaver. Now I can build a professionally looking website in hours for you like facebook, youtube, or any kind.
4. Web Development
 Coding in PHP is my hobby now a days, I learnt this course also from online and still I’m improving my PHP and MySQL skills. Also I’ve worked with WordPress and created many websites by using WP. I hope I will be a perfect web developer in the future. Inshallah.
5. My websites
Here is the list of websites that are running successfully and generating original traffic from Search Engines:
  1. tuteyou
  2. freefilepoint
  3. discussion
  4. freefilesclub
My Message to the new Bloggers
Respect is the only thing which keeps people respect you back. Never give up blogging and always work hard to achieve the goals you’ve set. Respect all copyrights lows and others property, never be a thief but be a genius. Always mentions those who’ve helped you in bad times.. Be creative and every day think to create something new :-) my best wishes for you!
Follow me everywhere on the Internet
I use all social networks i.e FB, Twitter, Google+, Youtube skype and so on. You can find me everywhere on the internet. Follow me on all social networks so we can be friends :-)
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  5. Email: thebasragroups@gmail.com
  6. Skype: ahmedbasraa
  7. Mob no: Pakistan Number 00923007581265 UAE No. 00971556037568


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